Discount offer

From now until the end of May 2020, I am offering a discounted rate for my writing service: $100/hour. Normally, I charge $150/hour, $130/hour for those who live in San Luis Obispo County (CA). Free 30-minute phone consultation. What story do you need to tell? Your story matters.

Four bearers

I wonder if the founders of our country predicted that the term forefathers would be used in the future by children from broken homes.

Paper thin alibi

I am selling toilet paper on the black market—out of the back of my truck in an alley. $100 per roll. Meet me there. This offer won’t last. Grab ‘em while they’re hot.


Some people don’t need to look at their grocery carts and wallets to see that they’re hoarding food. They just need to look to their hips and bellies.

Peso operated

I was at a store looking at washing machines and asked a worker to show me the top of the line. He pointed to one and said, “This one. It’s an LG.” I said no. I want Maria—someone to do my laundry for me.


Today is BeanFit’s 28th anniversary. Happy anniversary to us! In 1992 I started BeanFit Health and Fitness Services, which included writing. I stopped offering health and fitness services in 2014, and BeanFit remained as my brand of books. Thank you for making my career successful and fun.


I now have an Instagram account: jeannebeanmurdock. Follow me! Not in a stalker way. Just a social media way. Also, I am taking a class called Acting for the Camera. Visit my YouTube channel, beanners1, for monologues and other new videos posted.

Open mic

I will perform stand-up comedy at The Pour House Wednesday, January 8. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. I will be one of several comedians performing, so I’m not sure what time I’ll go on. Paso Robles.
I hope to see you there–I’ll have my skates!

Flight Pattern

I finished writing my first screenplay and uploaded it to the copyright office. Now I am sending it out for sale, looking for an agent or directly a producer. The screenplay is a comedy movie called Flight Pattern.

Silver screen

Friday night I finished writing my first screenplay, a comedy movie. I’ll spend the next two weeks editing it and then I’ll upload it to the copyright office. After I receive my copyright certificate I will send out the screenplay for sale. At that time I will be able to talk about the story.

Rotary newsletter

rotary 2014 newslVery nice article written about me in Paso Robles Rotary’s newsletter after I presented It’s Hard to Find Good Help These Days: A customer service manual for businesses.