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“American Covenant Revival”

In 2014 I helped a client publish his book called American Covenant Revival. In the copyright section of his book it states:
All parts of this compilation SHOULD BE reproduced in any effective form as a catalyst to inspire movement for national reawakening of the fundamental principles of the United States of America, to achieve Revitalization, Reformation, Transformation, and an economic True Fair Deal for the General Welfare.
Considering the nonsense happening in America, this book is more relevant than ever. You decide for yourself. My client and I printed many copies that were to be distributed for free. I haven’t spoken to my client since the project ended and I can’t reach him or a family member. He was old when we worked together, so he may not be living still. The point is that he would definitely be happy that I am sharing his work and encouraging you to read it. I hope you like it and benefit from it. As it is implied above, please feel free to forward the document to others.

Discount offer

From now until the end of May 2020, I am offering a discounted rate for my writing service: $100/hour. Normally, I charge $150/hour, $130/hour for those who live in San Luis Obispo County (CA). Free 30-minute phone consultation. What story do you need to tell? Your story matters.


Today is BeanFit’s 28th anniversary. Happy anniversary to us! In 1992 I started BeanFit Health and Fitness Services, which included writing. I stopped offering health and fitness services in 2014, and BeanFit remained as my brand of books. Thank you for making my career successful and fun.


I now have an Instagram account: jeannebeanmurdock. Follow me! Not in a stalker way. Just a social media way. Also, I am taking a class called Acting for the Camera. Visit my YouTube channel, beanners1, for monologues and other new videos posted.