32nd Anniversary celebrated in Purgatory

Happy Anniversary to me and welcome to Purgatory . . . Resort. If I knew that Purgatory were a beautiful place to absolve my work sins, then I would have been a health & fitness quack. Instead, I’m celebrating 32 years of sainthood and a lifetime of exploring the globe.
I went on a two-hour tour with Snowmobile Adventures at Purgatory Resort. Four guests on 3 snowmobiles followed Ben aka Bella, a wise-cracking mountain goat. When I walked up to check in he said, “The hot air balloon ride was cancelled. Not enough wind.” I said, “Good. I was too scared anyway,” and walked away. He said, “Wait! Where are you going?” I turned back and laughed. I’m not an amateur at improv, ya’ know.
We rode 20-30 miles on freshly groomed—by us—fresh pow pow in the San Juan Mountains just north of Durango, Colorado. Up at 12,000 feet, 3,000 from where we started, I looked up at the sky and allowed the snow to speckle my face and I said three Hail Marys—just in case.