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Open mic

I will perform stand-up comedy at The Pour House Wednesday, January 8. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. I will be one of several comedians performing, so I’m not sure what time I’ll go on. Paso Robles.
I hope to see you there–I’ll have my skates!

Crap!? Not now!

Did you hear about the guy who was caught inside the toilet of a porta-potty at a yoga fair? He was arrested. What would the bail amount be for an offense like that? I guess a shit load of money.

Lift your spirits

I know I have a small chest when it takes only one hand to adjust my bra. You know you have a big chest when you have to use two hands to adjust your bra—and your hands are a foot apart.

Unsound decision

A highly sensitive person, such as myself, has no business being in sales—especially door knocking. I get yelled at all the time. For example, a man whose daughter was a personal trainer told me that he wouldn’t buy just any book, only one that is a good investment. He didn’t buy a book.

Held up

I walked into a bank and asked for change for a fifty.
The teller asked, “Are you a customer here?”
“No,” I said.
“OK well I’ll do it just this one time. Normally I wouldn’t because this bill could be counterfeit and I want to protect our customers from fraud.”
“Ha! Your company committed major fraud against your customers.”
“It wasn’t
that much fraud.”
A little bit of fraud is OK.

Flight Pattern

I finished writing my first screenplay and uploaded it to the copyright office. Now I am sending it out for sale, looking for an agent or directly a producer. The screenplay is a comedy movie called Flight Pattern.

Silver screen

Friday night I finished writing my first screenplay, a comedy movie. I’ll spend the next two weeks editing it and then I’ll upload it to the copyright office. After I receive my copyright certificate I will send out the screenplay for sale. At that time I will be able to talk about the story.

27th Anniversary

Today I’m observing my business’s 27th anniversary. I’ve always said that a lot can be done with a physical education degree, but I didn’t know that it would amount to comedy and biography writing. I’m starting my third year of writing people’s life stories and creating books for my clients. I’m still taking new clients. And for the last four months I’ve been writing my first screenplay, a comedy movie. Thank you for your business or for just being a fan. Today I celebrated my special day by snow shoeing, for my first time, in Shaver Lake, CA.

New excuses

Happy New Year! “The Every Excuse in the Book Book” is in its second printing. Same great information. Bigger print. More ordering options. My first born was written more than 20 years ago and is still funny, relevant, and accurate. 

Rotary newsletter

rotary 2014 newslVery nice article written about me in Paso Robles Rotary’s newsletter after I presented It’s Hard to Find Good Help These Days: A customer service manual for businesses.