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New book

True story. I’m almost done writing another book. In 1979, two probation officers escorted six teenage boys into a federal prison to participate in Scared Straight. Not only were the boys subjected to the predicted yelling but also they were forced to fully strip and were molested by several inmates for more than an hour. I’m honored to be entrusted with this story and hope that it will yield justice and peace for the boys. Also, I am hoping that the book’s publicity will bring forward four of the boys whose identities I haven’t learned, yet.

New retailer

New retailer. Thank you EarthTones in Paso Robles for carrying The Every Excuse in the Book Book, Successful Dating at Last!¬†and It’s Hard to Find Good Help Thee Days. Check out their cool goods and even cooler services like massage.

Can I get a twenty for my best scar yet . . . ?

Door knocking casualty. Who thought it was a good idea to build a retaining wall and not secure the top tiles? Who thought it was a good idea to do parkour in a dress while carrying books? I think I broke my thumb. Of course I kept going–Lamaze breathing and all–but I didn’t earn any sympathy twenties.