“It’s OK to laugh”

Paso Robles entrepreneur and satirist Jeanne “Bean” Murdock brings a new approach to comedy, fusing observational humor with health and fitness knowledge. Performing on roller skates where she can, her improvised physical comedy is one that has never been done before. Jeanne’s sassy, naive perspective wins audiences’ attention, demanding that “the show must go on.”

Jeanne’s on-stage alter ego is quite different from the straight-laced persona that people were used to seeing when she taught health and fitness and business. When Jeanne steps up to the microphone, her otherwise compassionate approach disappears.

Originally from Cupertino, California, Jeanne was given the nickname Bean, in third grade, by her next-door neighbor, simply because it rhymed with Jeanne. She studied physical education at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, and then started BeanFit Health and Fitness Services in 1992. Three years later, Jeanne was diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition that she included in her teachings. For 22 years she was a health and fitness professional who also happened to be a comedian. Now, she is a comedian who happens to be a health and fitness expert.

My Mission
To embolden people to laugh at themselves, no matter their current health status or life events.

Jeanne’s Signature

A very educated punk

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