da Mets

Finally! 30 out of 30. Four years ago, I flew to New York for the sake of seeing the NY Mets baseball team. Since I had already been to New York, I didn’t have much other reason to be there. The game was rained out, and my trip wasn’t padded to go another day. Grrr. Four years later, I finally finished seeing all of the Major League Baseball parks. How long did it take me to see all 30? Let’s just say I was born before the Nixon administration.
On my way to and from Boston, I traveled through Connecticut, stopping in Mystic, Groton, and New Haven. My unimpressive hotel in an unimpressive part of Stamford, Connecticut, was connected to an unimpressive restaurant. Well, celebrity chef Guy Fieri thought otherwise. I saw him outside of The Stamford Diner taping an episode of his show.
I ended my New England trip with another Serial Good Samaritan act. When I was about to board the plane at Logan Airport, I heard THUMP. I looked behind me and saw that an old lady walking by my gate took a nose dive, landing on both knees. After I determined that she didn’t break a bone, I performed Reiki to eliminate the pain and assess soft tissue damage. I told her that she was OK and then I lifted her to her feet; we walked to a chair. “You’re OK,” I assured her. While I was helping the old lady, I kept looking back at my gate. They better keep the door open for me. I want a free upgrade, too. Yes on the former. Fat chance on the latter.