Boston, Massachusetts

Reading a sign—“pre-season sale”—as I walked into a store, I coined a new term: pre-season traveler. Avoiding crowds, I am afforded sites all to myself (truly or seemingly).
I love Boston! What a great city, and now my favorite US big city.
The Freedom Trail led me to a piano, which I played. People gathered and recorded videos. One lady sheepishly asked me if she could give me a tip. She handed me a dollar. I said, “That’s all?!” Just kidding. The dollar was my first payment for playing music. I am now officially a professional musician. Although, a year ago I was hired to teach piano. Does that make me a professional musician?
The beautiful lady who took my photo was down on her luck. So, I had her sit next to me on the bench while I performed Reiki. Channeling Spirit is extraordinary. Afterward, the lady floated off with a smile on her face. While I was in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I diagnosed a tumor in a couple’s dog. The couple already new about it. The couple and the beautiful lady encouraged me to move to New England. No, thanks, but I am definitely for hire.

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