Alas! Thirty-one years after living in Hawaii and fantasizing, romanticizing the island of Ni’ihau I would finally see it up close. The island’s natives don’t allow visitors to set foot, but helicopter and boat tours give the curious a peek at Hawaii’s mystery spot. I booked a boat tour, padding my trip so that I could go a different day if inclement weather. Unfortunately, Hawaii was on Mother Nature’s list of unusual winter weather. Day after day, the boat tours were cancelled due to high winds. Aah! I flew all the way there to see Ni’ihau! Bummer. My consolation prize was driving to the west side of Kauai and watching the sunset (see photo) over Ni’ihau. Can you see the island’s faint outline? Although I had already toured Kauai when I lived in Hawaii, I drove the whole island anyway. It was fun to see it through a different lens. Contact me to order a print.