Petroglyph National Monument

I have a new mission: to get total strangers to sing to me. I think singing is like dancing in that everyone sings as children, but somewhere along the way many people become too self-conscious to do so. When I was in Petroglyph National Monument (Albuquerque, New Mexico), I met a family from Michigan, which is where my parents were from. The elderly lady described a folk song about being a Michigander. I didn’t know about it, so I asked her to sing it. And she sang it! She sang her heart out and was in such joy and pride with a big smile on her face. Meanwhile, her brother was embarrassed. Screw him. That’s his problem. Sing like nobody’s watching . . . you in the shower.
Below are images carved in volcanic rock, Sandia Mountains, and Old Town Albuquerque. Look for the upside-down Frosty the Snowman.