Canyonlands National Park & La Sal Mountains

After I set out on a six-mile hike I saw storm clouds. Was I prepared? No. Why would I prepare for rain in the middle of the desert when it is 90 degrees? I figured I’d be fine; I wasn’t hiking toward the storm. An hour later, the trail headed me toward the storm. At least there isn’t any rock climbing on this trail, I thought. Another half-hour later I was at a point in the trail where it was time to hike out of the canyon—straight up (it seemed) a rock wall. Then the rain caught up with me. Crap. When I neared the mesa I thought: At least there’s no thunder [CRASH]. Great. The storm passed over me and was lovely, actually. It was nice to be cooled off and hiking in my favorite—tropical—weather . . . in the middle of the desert.
Canyonlands offered one jaw-dropping view after another. I kept hearing myself say, “Oh, my gosh.” One of the many good things about being in shape is that I can hike far enough and on difficult enough trails to be away from the crowd and have views all to myself.