Isle Royale National Park

Another US national park visited; seven more to go. Another new adventure; countless to come. I visited Isle Royale National Park in Michigan’s Lake Superior. I went on my first sea plane ride to get to the park from Hancock in Michigan’s upper peninsula. I was so excited to experience the ride that I didn’t care about the destination. Isn’t that what life should be?! The ride, take-off, and landing were smooth—all feeling like floating. Pilot Billy of Isle Royale Sea Planes was skilled, professional, and personable. I highly recommend this adventure and company. What a fun way to get around! I am utterly smitten with sea planes, now. Isle Royale was one big, dense forest. I hiked and sat at the water’s edge. My favorite part of the island was the tap water, which was the best I’ve ever had—right up there with natural springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Moab, Utah. When I was putting on my life jacket to board the plane back to the mainland, a lady adjusted my life jacket. It turned out that she worked with special needs adults. That fits.