Strikes Again

Serial Good Samaritan or snake strikes again?
Rattlesnake #1: It happened again. Someone took pictures of me.
Rattlesnake #2: Me, too. Was it a woman whose hair looks like a rat’s nest? Speaking of rats, I’m hungry.
Rattlesnake #1: Yep. That’s the one.
Rattlesnake #2: She ran up to me. What a moron. Humans are in the desert for a few hours and they think they can take over.
Rattlesnake #1: I want to bite them, just for posterity, but then they’ll probably kill me. You know how humans are.
Rattlesnake #2: I know. Every time humans are bitten by animals they think the animals are at fault. Well, I have to give this woman credit, though. She’s stopping traffic for me.
Rattlesnake #1: Oh, you’re still moving slowly? Your back is acting up again?
Rattlesnake #2: My chiropractor is at one of those lame spiritual retreats.