Sedona, Arizona. Montezuma Castle & Well

Wow. What a trip. I spent two months, mostly in Utah, driving a loop that went as far north as Sacramento and went as far east as Moab, Utah. Then, I headed as far south as Sedona, Arizona, and then back home. I met a lot of amazing people with whom I exchanged notes on our passion for traveling. I travel because it’s my biggest passion. Others travel to practice their biggest passion, such as photography or surfing (not in Utah).
Sedona is one of the most spiritual places on Earth, which you can experience by hiking or hiring a healer, for example, both of which I did. Thank you, Christiane Ashline, master healer and facilitator in the arts of subtle energetics and sacred alignments in co-creation with the divine.
So, now that my trip is over and you’ve perused the photos, which one would you like to order on canvas? Or, do you want to talk me into a more economical, paper print?